Yesterday was our first official day of work on our 2019 Belize City trip. We’re so excited to share with you the progress we’ve made so far with an incredible amount of help from the team of some board members, Edmonton and Belize City Rotary/Rotaract, and other volunteers.

We started our day off as soon as the sun was up and made good progress on the 6th annual playground build at a local Belize City school—St. Luke’s Methodist—as the photos below will show.

This is the lot before we started the playground. The last picture below is the progress we made on the first day.
This is the progress we made. All that’s left is putting up the swing-structure on the far left, cementing the holes, and spreading all the gravel down.

Mid-day yesterday we also had the chance to go to our first Rhymes That Bind teacher and parent training course. It was so captivating and inspiring, and we can see good things for the future of Rhymes That Bind in Belize City. At the session, the trainer speaks passionately about the importance of using rhymes, stores, and fun literacy activities to give young children a strong literacy platform and the ability to then learn the basics in school. Rhymes That Bind—and this training session—teaches parents and teachers simple story-telling tactics and rhymes (both local Belizean and popular, recognizable rhymes like ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider,’ ‘Baby Shark,’ and other counting rhymes). More videos of some of the rhymes, stories, and activities will be up shortly.

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