Day 3 is under our belts! Our team spent most of the day today helping teachers at Unity Presbyterian School with literacy evaluations, Language Arts exercises, and various other projects as needed—and there was lots of need.

To put it simply, teachers in Belize are underpaid, overworked, and some of the greatest people you’ll meet in Belize.

Principle Makhwani at Unity Presbyterian teaches Standard 2—grade 4 in the Canadian school on top of all her duties as Principle.

One of the other teachers we worked with today spoke about the challenge of teaching such a large class of students—especially given that they have such a wide range of literacy skills. She teaches the Standard 4 class—the Canadian equivalent of which is grade 6. This one teacher alone has 25 students split up into 4 groups by general literacy skills. The groups range from grade 2 literacy skills to grade 9 literacy skills. She opened up to us about finding it very difficult to have to take a break from working with students who are so behind their literacy level, to keep the other students from falling behind; it can feel to her like fighting a losing battle.

This is exactly the kind of problem that we intend for our work and programs—like Rhymes That Bind—to tackle.

If you are interested in more information about how the education/grade systems in Belize differ from those in Canada, here’s a great site.

Thank you for tuning in again today and here are some pictures from our day for you to enjoy!

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