We often get asked questions like, “what does supporting playground builds and distribution of sports goods have to do with Literacy?”

In the famous words of Maria Montessori, “Play is the work of a child.”

Besides our overall mission to foster strong, sustainable foundations for the communities we work in, our support of play—in our contributions to playground builds, sports equipment donations, etc.—is also a conscious effort to provide long-lasting support for the literacy components of our work.

The following are just three of many reasons why we strive to contribute to a community’s capacity for play in support of life-long literacy.

Multi-sensory Experiences

Playgrounds provide children with multi-sensory experiences—such as sensory, motor, strength, and cognitive—at a young age. This is proven to help children’s minds advance faster and learn more effectively in the classroom. When given a mid-day break and allowed to experience quality play, children will come back to the classroom with fresh energy and will feel ready to learn again.

Incentive to Join

When a playground is built on school grounds, or sports equipment is donated to a school as their property, these things are much less likely to be adopted by local gangs. Instead, when a school is able to offer these things, children are more likely to come to school than to stay away and—often inevitably—fall in with a local gang.

Healthy Cognitive and Emotional Development

Playtime in schools—and resources such as sports equipment and playgrounds that can heighten play—is vital to the proper cognitive, emotional, social, and psychological development of children and youth.

Playgrounds and sports specifically supply children with important activities like exercise, positive socialization, basic problem solving, exploring the senses, etc. All of these activities can help to manage social or inner-conflict and negative emotions such as stress, grief, etc.

For more information on why play is so important to the education of children and youth, please check out our information sources below:

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