On this page you will find more information about the many different international (and local) projects Literacy Without Borders is working on.

This page is loaded with information and pictures, so to help you navigate a little better, there is a short index below.

  1. Playgrounds
  2. Classroom Libraries & Graded Reader Sets
  3. Teacher Training & Literacy Programs
  4. Sports Equipment
  5. Rotary, Rotaract, and Other Partners (Local and International)

So far, we have 6 focus schools in Belize City, Belize: St. Johns Primary, Unity Presbyterian, Salvation Army, Calvary, Queen Square, and Wesley Lower.

1. Playgrounds

  • LWB has built full playground sets for a total of 5 schools in Belize City, Belize. All of our playgrounds are recycled from various different schools across Alberta and we receive them through the Emmanuel Foundation. For more information on the Emmanuel Foundation’s recycled Playground Projects, follow this link to their site.
  • The pictures below are before and after pictures of just one of the school grounds we built on.

2. Classroom Libraries & Graded Reader Sets

  • We have identified and visited 3 schools that require renovations:
    • Wesley Lower – renovation of library/resource room (book shelves) purchase of library equipment (listening centre) earphones, TV/DVD player, magnetic board laptop(s) for assessment software. Principle Saldana to provide a “Wishlist” and budget.
    • Calvary – Book shelves for classrooms.
    • Salvation Army – book shelves for their computer/library resource room.
  • 35 Graded Reader Sets (12 Infant I, 12 Infant II, and 11 Standard I) have been purchased and installed in our 6 focus schools (Focus schools are named above)


3. Teacher Training & Literacy Programs

  • We are updating! More information will be up soon. Thanks for your patience!

4. Sports Equipment

  • As LWB is most active in Belize, most of the donated sports equipment has been sent to Belize. We have connected with the Belize National Sports Council (BNSC), who stores and distributes the sports gear throughout Belize for schools, junior colleges and community groups. The BNSC have used the donated gear for outreach activities which attempt to get inner-city youth away from the gangs and back into schools.
  • Besides Belize, we have also sent lots of sports gear to Cambodia, Congo, Guatemala, and Rwanda with travellers doing service work in these countries.

5. Rotary, Rotaract, and Other Partners (Local & International)